Taking Care of Your Retainer

Direct Bonded Retainerslingual2

1. At the end of orthodontic treatment, a retention wire is bonded (glued) to the back of your front teeth (upper and/or lower) to keep them straight.

2. The areas around the wire are susceptible to decay and gum disease if not cleaned properly. Tips:

  • Brush thoroughly up-and-down along the wire.
  • Floss all teeth daily. A floss threader will help pass floss in the space between the wire and the gums. The Ultra Thin Floss Threader works well (www.plaksmacker.com).
  • Another good cleaning aid is Soft Picks by GUM (www.soft-picks.com).

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3. The bonded wire can be broken or dislodged if it is abused by biting hard foods with your front teeth. Be cautious with ice cubes, beef jerky, raw carrots, apples, corn on the cob, hard bread, pizza crust, and hard or sticky candies such as taffy.

4. If your bonded wire comes loose or breaks, call the office (San Antonio Office Phone Number 210-494-7660) immediately for an appointment. Then begin wearing your clear aligners 24 hours a day to prevent tooth shifting.

5. You can keep the bonded wire(s) indefinitely as long as you keep them clean. There is no guarantee that your teeth will remain straight once it is removed. If you choose to have it removed, you must wear your clear aligners nightly. Teeth move throughout our lives and retention is a long-term commitment!

6. There will be a charge for repairs to the bonded wire — so be gentle. Keep that great smile!

Removable Retainers/Clear Alignersapp-retainers

1. Clear aligner retainers may feel tight for the first few days. Wear them every night while sleeping. Retention is a long-term commitment!

2. Clean the retainers gently with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and cool water. Soaking in Efferdent, Polydent, or plain lemon juice for five minutes will clean stubborn stain build-up. To freshen up the retainer taste, rinse well with mouthwash (but do not soak them in mouthwash). Alternately, soak for five minutes only in diluted laundry bleach (1 part bleach in 10 parts cold water) and then rinse thoroughly. Over-soaking aligners may cause them to become brittle.

3. Protect your retainers by storing them in the case during the day and keeping them away from pets and small children.

4. If you cannot comfortably wear your retainers as prescribed, please let us know immediately so that adjustments can be made to allow you to wear them successfully.

5. Your contract covers your initial set of aligner retainers and two years of retention visits. Additional retainers or office visits are an additional fee.

6. It is the patient’s responsibility to schedule retainer checkups every six months for the first year and then at least yearly for two years thereafter. Please bring your retainers for each appointment.

7. Failure to wear the retainers as directed by the doctor will result in relapse. Any future re-treatment fees will be at the patient’s expense.

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